Our Signature Blend:
Merino Wool and Rayon from Bamboo.

They need no introduction, just a helping hand or foot to come together.

On paper, it’s an unlikely romance - merino and bamboo. Although the latter is technically a grass, and therefore beloved by the former…  What makes the two materials so compatible is their differences. Individually rayon from bamboo and merino wool are world-class materials, but combined, they form a bespoke yarn that redefines what we thought was possible in a fabric.


Rayon crafted from bamboo has a luxurious softness similar to silk and cashmere, and a springiness you’d expect from the almost elastic plant. The fibres are smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. Those with irritations to merino tend to have no reaction to our Signature Blend. It’s itch free comfort, so soft and comfortable you’ll want to sleep in it. And we do…


A powerful insulator that naturally regulates body temperature in all conditions, warm in the cold and cool in the heat. The air trapped inside the micro fibre gaps retain and regulate the thermal energy created by the body. As the body heats up, any moisture is evaporated, cooling the air between the skin and fabric. A natural thermostat that leaves you regulated day in day out.


Rayon from bamboo and merino provide a leading wicking agency. The fiber cross-sections are covered with micro-gaps giving the fabric leading moisture absorption and ventilation properties. Naturally moves sweat away from the skin leaving you drier longer while offering a full spectrum UV 50+ protection.


Helps control odour producing bacteria by delivering a dry, moisture free environment that keeps you hygienic and odour free even when worn multiple times - trust us, as (sometimes) unwashed outdoor guru’s, we’ve tested this one almost excessively…


Peerless when it comes to natural performance, merino wool has been the benchmark for technical fabrics for centuries and still outperforms any human made synthetic copy... notwithstanding natural combinations à la our signature fabric. Ever seen a cold sheep? Ever seen a hot one? How can a creature be woolly in a warm climate? The mind boggles. But the wool reigns supreme as a thermo regulator. Throw in its anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and odourless properties and it’s easy to see ‘why merino?’


If Merino is the prized pony of the fabric world, bamboo is very much the dark horse. We take the rayon from bamboo fibre which is as smooth and luxurious as silk and cashmere. Far softer than an already soft merino fibre, ultra breathable in its own right and with the ability to diffuse static electricity, it’s perfectly suited as a first on skin layer, and the perfect partner to merino, not least because it’s a grass and sheep love grass right? 

Being a part of the grass family, it makes it an extraordinary plant that grows rapidly in most climates with little water and no pesticides. As a result, it is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable natural resources out there.

Line after line, trail after trail, run after run