The Fifty Project - Watch Season 5 Here

The Fifty Project - Watch Season 5 Here


LÉ BENT is proud to be an official sponsor of Cody Townsend's FIFTY Project — a herculean quest to ski ‘The 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America.’

As Cody's sock, base layer and headwear and accessories partner we've been along for the ride since day one, and develop products with Cody's direct skin-track-feedback. 

“There is no getting around the complete punishment your feet go through on tours for the Fifty," said Cody.

"You’re gonna get them wet, sweaty and cold at times. But minimizing those impacts with better materials and innovations like the heel grip strips on the Pro Series Sock I made with Lé Bent helps you get through the day.”



Watch the latest episode below:







One unsung item that Cody has worn up and down all of his Fifty lines, is the Men's Core Lightweight Crew Base Layer.

"Layering is everything because one of the most important aspects of big backcountry missions is temperature management," said Cody.


“I’ve found with base layers, the combo of wool and synthetic, like the Lé Bent Merino Wool & Bamboo Rayon blend provides a perfect blend of maintaining warmth and being dry”


 Check out Cody's bonus guide to layering from Season 3 of The FIFTY below.


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